Top 10 Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Hello, it seems planning a kids’ birthday is a challenge for many parents here in Budapest, so this week I bring you my 10 best ideas for kids’ birthday parties in Budapest. In my opinion, the best birthday parties offer kids a new experience than merely an opportunity to run around and go crazy. Two for today:

1. MadeByYou: Paint your own pottery! My daughter, five of her girlfriends, and their sisters and moms and I all had a wonderful time last month hand-painting dishes and mugs, dog- and cupcake-shaped banks at MadeByYou near Kálvin tér. Parents can choose how much each child can spend, and the guests’ parents can pay for any additional items they paint, keeping expenses reasonable. MadeByYou is cozy and friendly, with free fruit tea and a colorful place for a calm, creative party. We brought our own snacks to eat while painting and cupcakes to celebrate when we were finished. I picked up the finished pottery a few days after the party and distributed it to the moms and daughters, who were absolutely giddy! Next I’m planning to try the glass jewelry-making workshops they have…
See for more.

2. Orczy Kalandpark: Outdoor adventures! Try this fantastic family-friendly ropes course in the city for an adventurous party for kids of all ages (this means you, too, moms and dads!). The friendly professionals at Orczy Kalandpark provide all safety equipment and a crash (excuse the language) course in how to climb safely before guiding kids to the course appropriate for their age level (kids from age 4 to 104 are welcome). Picnic tables are available for your post-climb party and Orczy staff can take care of catering for you or you can bring your own cake and other goodies. You can ensure there’s an English-speaking staff member at your party when you reserve. Orczy opens March 10th! See for more.

Enjoy, and happy birthdays to all! Stay tuned tomorrow for 2 more ideas…

P.S. No companies sponsored this post, and no animals were harmed during its preparation. Except that I almost sat on my cat. Almost.

About adriknows

One day, people looking for tips on life in Budapest started coming to me. Friends, then friends of friends, and so on. People were telling newcomers and longtime Budapesters alike, “Adri knows!” Now it’s time to share what I’ve picked up over more than a decade of fun-and-frequently-frazzled family life in the big BP.
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4 Responses to Top 10 Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Agnes says:

    Have you heard about the Plaster Age (Gipszkorszak) at Gozsdu udvar (near Deak tér)?
    This is a plaster painting playhouse which is also a very ideal place for birthday parties as well.
    The playhouse stocks several hundred types of plaster pieces of different shapes, sizes and themes that are ready to be painted by children, of ages 3-14. The children can express themselves while having great fun! After completion of the work, they are ready to be immediately taken home proudly!
    The playhouse is also an ideal venue for a birthday party. All events are hosted by skilled, multilingual animators and of course focus on the joint painting of plaster pieces. They have a system that works! The staff entertains the kids throughout the entire party so parents are free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the party. In addition to the fun, after the party no-one returns home empty-handed!
    Birthday parties cost HUF 2900 per child with no hidden charges! With only a 10 child minimum any size party is affordable. You may bring your own snacks and cake (we can supply the paper products and can order pizza for you for an additional nominal charge). Children may receive face painting and/or glitter tattoo and we can customize the party with a clown or magician.

    All the best,

    Agnes mother of 3 girls, blogger and the owner of the Playhouse. :-))

    • adriknows says:

      Thank you! I have read about Gipszkorszak but haven’t been there yet. I’ll come with the kids sometime soon!
      Please send us the link to your blog (even if it’s in Hungarian). Best wishes! Adri

  2. Agnes says:

    Hi Adri!
    With pleasure:
    This is a family blog packed full with program recommendations and also my gastro blog with easy/quick/healthy/Hungarian dishes.

    We look forward to welcoming you at Gipszkorszak Plaster Play House. If you wish to meet me in person pleas drop me an e-mail so I can be there. We are open 7 days a week. 🙂

    All teh best,


  3. Kids Party organizing is such a challenging task for parents and your blog is really very useful to organize a beautiful birthday party for kids.

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