Top 10 Travel Destinations from Budapest, Part II

Two more ideas for your vacation plans in Central Europe…

3. Trieste – this utterly Italian city only made it into our travel plans because it’s about 7 hours from Budapest, making it a good stop for the night on the way to Tuscany. Also, I thought, why not see the port city that once gave Hungary a spot on the coast? Now landlocked, Hungary likes to recall those days of its empire extending to the Adriatic. Trieste was a pleasant surprise, with a grand square at the harbor, a long park along the waterfront dotted with cafes, and the Miramare palace at the tip of the point, the fairy-tale-beautiful residence of Archduke Maximilian, the ill-fated Habsburg (weren’t they all? He was assassinated after becoming Emperor of Mexico).  So if you’ve already “done” Venice, why not try Trieste? I’m not sure it’s worth a whole trip, but definitely worth a day or two. There’s a famous cave and lots of hilltop towns to explore nearby… Here is the official tourism site:

4. Tátra – I’ve written about this tiny mountain range before,, so here are some photos of this hidden gem, the formerly Hungarian “Alps,” though they’re a range unto their own. Here’s a picture of one of the restored old inns like the ones my husband’s family used to own. I could go on and recommend you drive on to one of my favorite destinations in Poland, just a few kilometers (on winding roads through not-so-prosperous villages) but I’ll save that for another item on the list. Here is the Tatra National Park’s not-so-friendly website,, and, a more friendly commercial travel site.

More tomorrow, if my internet connection is cooperating.

About adriknows

One day, people looking for tips on life in Budapest started coming to me. Friends, then friends of friends, and so on. People were telling newcomers and longtime Budapesters alike, “Adri knows!” Now it’s time to share what I’ve picked up over more than a decade of fun-and-frequently-frazzled family life in the big BP.
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2 Responses to Top 10 Travel Destinations from Budapest, Part II

  1. Andrea says:

    Hungariand indeed do like to reminisce about the old days, when the country was its former glory, but looking at those photographs of places like the Tatra mountains or Trieste, I guess it’s no wonder they are a little bitter …

    • adriknows says:

      Indeed. That’s also why my husband’s grandmother’s story was so inspiring to me… she was not bitter, although she would happily say how she loathed the communists, but she was able to move on.

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